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  • Coalesse LessThanFive tattoo chair with custom printed design

    100% Design

    September 21 - 24, 2016

    100% Design is the UK’s largest design trade event, attracting architects, specifiers and designers from across the globe. Join Coalesse and Steelcase on September 22 from 12:15-1:15 in the LG Display Auditorium for our Office Trend Report discussion. We will be joined by Rebecca Ruggles of Airbnb to present key insights into workplace engagement. For more…

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  • NeoCon 2016: Participate - Mix and Remix

    June 13 - 15, 2016

    This year, Coalesse invites our customers at NeoCon to explore the evolution of customization … and participate in the design process with us. We believe that participation builds deeper customer engagement, personal enjoyment and cultural meaning. Make your mark. Make it matter. Throughout the showroom you’ll see expressions of custom capabilities that range…

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  • AL(L) Projects in Aluminum by Michael Young

    January 31 - May 29, 2016

    International designer Michael Young is known for exploring different materials and processes. Beginning in January 2016, the Grand Hornu museum in Belgium celebrates Michael Young's innovative designs as it highlights his use of aluminum. The LessThanFive Chair, designed by the Coalesse Design Group + Michael Young, is also featured in the exhibit. Young decided to…

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  • 100% Design

    September 23 - 26, 2015

    100% Design is the UK’s largest design trade event, attracting architects, specifiers and designers from across the globe. Join Coalesse and Steelcase at the Steelcase Learning Theatre (Booth W550 | Workplace Section) as we explore the connection between workplace wellbeing and enhancing employee engagement. Serena Borghero, EMEA Marketing Communications manager…

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  • Brussels Design September

    September 21, 2015

    Brussels Design September is a multidisciplinary celebration of design. The event has become the meeting place for design enthusiasts and encompasses over 100 cultural and commercial events in Brussels. Michael Young, designer of the <5_MY chair, is a featured speaker at this year’s event. His presentation on Monday, September 21, is sure to include insights into how…

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  • Create a mini-lounge anywhere and offer a haven from desk-heavy environments. #lounge #design #officedesign #lagunitas #enclave #relaxation #coalesse #bringingnewlifetowork
  • Give people the balance they crave for their workday with private enclaves that support focus. #hosu #chair #enclave #design #officedesign #focus #inspiringspaces #coalesse #bringingnewlifetowork
  • Use the lounge to offer a relaxing change of pace along with a welcome change of posture. Design by @contract_workplaces #lounge #circa #officedesign #design #inspiringspaces #coalesse #bringingnewlifetowork
  • A private nook can be open and inviting, complementing collaboration spaces while providing focus. Design by @WorkwellPartners #design #officedesign #hosu #lounge #enclave #focus #rejuvenate #inspiringspaces #coalesse #bringingnewlifetowork
  • Clustered seating environments in open spaces create options for hands-on collaboration. #design #librarydesign #inspiringspaces #collaboration #coalesse #bringingnewlifetowork
  • We love this beautiful space to rest and rejuvenate while traveling. #Repost via @designmilktravels . . . . . Now that's what you call #SuiteDreams at the @wamsterdamhotel in #Amsterdam. 😴😴
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