Participate: The Culture of Customization


The Culture of Customization

spools of colored thread

Design. It’s a master plan, a minute pattern. The creation of an object or system. It’s an idea that embodies the most human of instincts to make the world work better: our best tool. But design is also a phenomenon of the senses — of taste, texture, optics, acoustics, scent, shape and fit — that lets the world become more habitable and personalized.

To create anything in the built world, first we find or invent an essential form; then we reassess and reinvent it. The wheel. The page. The shirtwaist or shoe. The molding of any object to fit the body. So, from bicycle to car, paper to screen, clog to sneaker, artisan to assembly line, we are good at recognizing and reshaping the archetypes that work for us with persistence, over continuums of time.

But inevitably, each time ... we want an upgrade. A little more of this, a little less of that. A different color. A new material or special size. We want to choose. We crave the unique over the generic and we use design to signify ourselves.

We participate to make it our own.

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