3 Office Spaces That Improve Concentration and Support Solo Work

They’re sometimes called in-between spaces: those flexible places in the office that employees or guests can claim as their own when they’re between meetings or simply need a change of scenery.

These areas may be enclosed or more exposed. They can resemble a living room, a library, a coffee bar, a gazebo, a reading nook, a porch—the design options are almost endless. 

But what these diverse spaces have in common is they give workers options. They’re onsite alternatives that let people retreat from the group when they need to relax and rejuvenate, or focus on heads-down work. 

In-between spaces help workers find the balance they need between group work and individual work. The benefits include improved concentration and reduced burnout. 

Take a look at three examples of office spaces that can improve people’s focus at work.

1. The Breakout Space

This peaceful breakout area at Lockton’s office in Chicago offers workers a getaway space with residential-style comfort.The semiprivate enclave features the Bob Lounge Chair and Sebastopol Table. Design by CannonDesign. Photography by Christopher Barrett. See more photos from this space on Office Snapshots.

2. The Café Area

Café spaces let individuals escape without feeling cut off. This café area in BKM’s San Diego headquarters features the Lagunitas Lounge System configured into booths for solo or small-group use. Design by Hollander Design Group. Photography by Jasper Sanidad. See more photos from this space on Office Snapshots.

3. The Lounge

The lounge is another ancillary space that offers a relaxing change of pace along with a welcome change of posture. This lounge-in-the-round at Nextel Argentina’s Buenos Aires head office features the Circa Lounge System. Design by Contract Argentina. Photography by Andrés Negroni. See more photos from this space on Retail Design Blog.

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