4 Modern Work Café Designs We Love

No longer just a place to eat lunch and grab coffee, the workplace café also serves as an area for collaboration and informal meetings. With mobile technology making it easier to work from anywhere, casual lunch conversation can easily turn into a brainstorming session, and cafés need to be designed to accommodate the changing work modes. In need of some design inspiration? Here are a few of our favorite modern work café designs.

Above, Lagunitas Lounge and Tables create a booth setting in the BKM Headquarters in San Diego, California. Designer: Hollander Design Studio. Photographer: Jasper Sanidad. See more pictures on Office Snapshots.


Avant, one of Chicago’s fastest-growing financial tech firms, has truly embraced the importance of cafés. When their office was redesigned in 2016, it was important for their new space to facilitate internal communication and give workers opportunities to socialize. One of the highlights of their new space is a two-story café area that fulfills both of those needs. Featuring our Lagunitas Lounge Seating, the area is spacious enough for large company meetings but serves as a comfortable setting for workers to relax, connect and eat.

 Designer: Eastlake Studio. Photographer: Steve Hall. See more pictures on Office Snapshots.


Our Lagunitas Lounge is a popular choice for café seating. Seen in the café for Dropbox’s office in Austin, below, Lagunitas makes a wonderful addition to this bright, modern, comfortable, and relaxed space.

 Designer: Lauckgroup. Photographer: Casey Dunn. See more pictures on Office Snapshots.

Open Society Foundations

Cafés shouldn’t be limited to indoor areas. Sometimes a little fresh air is needed to recharge and inspire. Imagine stepping outside to enjoy a spectacular view of midtown Manhattan. The Open Society Foundations office in New York City allows workers to do just that with their outdoor café area. Our Emu Ivy Lounge outdoor seating, pictured in red, creates a comfortable outdoor oasis in the middle of a thriving metropolis.

 Designer: Trimizi Campbell. Photographer: Eric Laignel. See more pictures on Office Snapshots. 


This café was created for the Cisco-Meraki Headquarters in San Francisco in 2013, and it remains an excellent example of modern workplace café design. It incorporates two of the colors most strongly linked to feelings of wellness and serenity: blue and green. The green CH24 Wishbone chairs from our Carl Hansen Collection add a rejuvenating touch to the space while the blue colors throughout the room create a calming effect. With these two colors prominently featured, this café is truly an ideal in-office retreat.

 Designer: Studio O&A. Photographer: Joseph Sanidad. See more pictures on Office Snapshots. 

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