Introducing Coalesse Color

Coalesse is excited to announce the launch of a new program, Coalesse Color, which allows designers infinite color choice on select Coalesse products. This program is available in North America only and part of a new easy customization process that allows personalization through customization. To learn more about the program, we asked Coalesse Director of Product Marketing, Tim Elms, about the thinking behind the program and its potential impact in the design community.

At NeoCon 2016, Coalesse showed furniture with unique custom options, including custom paint finishes. What was the reaction from the A&D community to these products and features?

There was a lot of interest around the finishes we showed because they were remarkably different from our standard offering and that made the products look completely different. The products were transformed by the new color and the interest from designer and customer confirmed the demand for  greater color choice. For example, a custom paint finish can give SW_1 Lounge an entirely new feel.

           SW_1 Lounge Chair in a custom paint finish as shown at NeoCon 2016.

What is Coalesse Color?

Coalesse Color is an invitation to the design community to participate in the design process. It is an opportunity to put your own signature on Coalesse products and applications. Now designers can have infinite choice of color on some of our most popular product lines. We’re excited about this program because it tears down conventional barriers to the customization process, such as extended lead times, high prices and days to get a quote. We want the process with Coalesse to be an enjoyable expression of creativity.

What inspired the Coalesse Color program?

Customization is one of three foundational themes that guide our Point of View at Coalesse. This program is a step in our journey to make customization more achievable for designers specifying Coalesse furniture.

How do do you foresee this new capability impacting workplace design?

I see Coalesse Color being a very useful tool that helps designers customize environments and blend products together in a visually appealing way. This level of customization allows companies the ability to express their culture and brand throughout their workplace. Our program makes it that much easier - especially with the LessThanFive Customizer tool where you can apply infinite color options as well as a company logo or graphics. The new program makes these options convenient for designers and specifiers. 

What’s next for Coalesse customization capabilities?

Coalesse Color is the first step in our journey of participating with the design community, and we’re already pursuing other opportunities to extend this theme. In the future, you’ll see us formalize some of the popular features we showed at NeoCon, such as patterns and solid surfaces, into easy to use programs for designers.

Published On: November 29, 2016
Filed under: Design News

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