Introducing the LessThanFive Customizer

Carbon fiber is a material with a huge amount of potential. With its lightweight-yet-strong nature, carbon fiber been used in everything from aircraft and cars to bicycles and other types of sporting equipment. But we’re only just beginning to explore the potential for using carbon fiber in furniture.

When the Coalesse Design Group started researching carbon fiber to create the LessThanFive Chair, they were intrigued by how incredibly customizable its appearance is. Its surface can be painted any color imaginable using any type of paint finish. The options for customization are hardly limited to colors either. Carbon fiber is also very receptive to appliqués, which make it possible to add unique graphic designs.

Bicycle manufacturers have already embraced the customizable properties of carbon fiber. Many boutique bicycle shops give their customers the opportunity to personalize their bikes through simple, easy-to-use web applications. The customer chooses a basic stock bicycle frame, then uses the application to change its color, add a pattern, or change other features about the bike.

When personalization can be so simple, why not allow customers to participate in the design process? The Coalesse Design Group felt inspired to bring this kind of technology to the LessThanFive Chair.

With our new LessThanFive Customizer, creating the perfect chair has never been easier. With just a few clicks, a customer can choose the exact color they want, add a gradient, choose a finish, or upload a completely unique graphic design. The possibilities are truly endless. Unlike other similar applications, all custom orders created with the LessThanFive tool are managed by our responsive Concierge team, creating a buying experience that’s more personal and rewarding on every level.

To celebrate the launch of this new tool, we’re running the Create Your LessThanFive with Coalesse contest. From September 21-October 12, 2016, we invite you to try the tool, create a design for the LessThanFive Chair, and submit it to us. Two winners, a Judge’s Choice winner and a People’s Choice winner, will win a LessThanFive Chair customized with their design. Let your imagination run wild. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Published On: September 22, 2016
Filed under: Design Inspiration

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