My Favorite Things with Coalesse Director of Design John Hamilton

John Hamilton is the Coalesse Director of Design and leader of the Coalesse Design Group in San Francisco. John shares some of his favorite design inspirations and what he loves about San Francisco in this edition of My Favorite Things.

What’s your favorite article of clothing?
My Patagonia wetsuit. It keeps me toasty in the frosty San Francisco waters.

Source: Mountain Life Media
What’s your favorite place to visit?
Tokyo. There’s inspiration around every corner.

What’s your favorite artwork?
 “Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible.” – Paul Klee

What’s your favorite place to eat lunch? 
Fish in Sausalito. Sustainable seafood in a casual setting.
Source: 365 Things to Do - Marin

What’s your favorite work tool?
The desktop laser - by far.

Source: Radiation 5

Who’s your favorite designer?
Poul Kjærholm - pure Danish genius


What’s your favorite item you've helped design?
LessThanFive carbon fiber chair. Great design with great material innovation.
Source: Coalesse

What’s your favorite book?
“A Prayer for Owen Meany.” Destiny is a really powerful notion. And anything from John Irving that makes me laugh.


What’s your favorite band?
Radiohead. They’re always in my playlist.


What’s your favorite animal?
Great white shark. And I love the movie "Jaws."


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