Putting the Lobby to Work

You may have noticed that we’re fond of the phrase “great spaces inspire great work.” That’s because we really believe it. It’s a reality that applies from the moment you set foot in any office.

And in most offices, the first space you lay eyes on is the lobby, a public sitting area that often sits empty—overlooked and underutilized.

More and more, we find that if a reception area is empty, there’s probably something wrong. Maybe the layout is awkward, maybe the lobby furniture doesn’t meet workers’ needs or support their desired postures, or perhaps the lighting is poor.

Whatever the reason, the office designer has a role in discerning the issue and suggesting a fix.

Because in today’s business world, where office real estate is precious and ancillary spaces are coveted, there’s no justification for vacant lobbies. Office reception areas can be more and do more than simply welcome guests. (Although the more welcoming and hospitable they are, the better.)

Smart, collaborative companies are designing and outfitting their office lobbies to do double duty as breakout areas and in-between spaces that can meet different needs at different times of the day.

The office reception area isn’t just about receiving people anymore.

It’s one of the great spaces that can inspire great work.

Need ideas? Click through the slideshow above or see our Lobby & Reception Inspiration Gallery.

Published On: November 8, 2017
Filed under: Great Spaces

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