NeoCon 2017: Create – craft your story.

Coalesse invites customers to celebrate creative work and expression.

Modern work is about uniting to solve problems and generate new ideas. Creativity lives at the heart of these vital engagements. This year in the showroom, you’ll discover ways to boost the creative process, whether working together or alone. We’ll emphasize essential settings for Social Connection that build the trust needed for rich Creative Collaboration. And we’ll show you spaces for Focus & Rejuvenation that support calm reflection and deep thinking. Throughout, we’ve applied research on wellbeing and the restorative power of nature to new design insights and products for all applications.

Coalesse empowers personal expression by expanding your color, pattern and material choices. This year, we’re building our customization capabilities with exciting new opportunities to unleash creativity. Greater choice means you can design more unique spaces, from richer selections to bespoke products. To help you get started, we’re sharing inspiration from our point of view—how we use color, pattern, materiality and a modern sense of craft to bring a natural warmth and soul to work, both indoors and out.

We’ll showcase new products from our partners – EMU , Enea and Viccarbe – as well as updates to Potrero415, Montara650 and SW_1.

Please visit us in Suite 1032!


June 12 - 14, 2017


Brussels Design September
Chicago, IL

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