Coalesse Pattern

Nature inspired. Varied applications. Your vision.

Coalesse Pattern enriches your design choices with a series of textural surface patterns drawn from nature, which can be applied through our custom capabilities. Using our Specials process you can now easily personalize these patterns in customized colors for your LessThanFive Chair and add select patterns and colors to glass top tables.


We translated the vitality of nature into the modern beauty of nine patterns adapted from earth, sea, sky, and water.

Coalesse Pattern Applied to Glass

Coalesse Pattern may be applied to select tables. Use the Coalesse Customizer as a visualization tool to explore applying pattern to glass top tables.

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Coalesse Pattern Applied to LessThanFive

Coalesse Pattern and infinite color may be applied to LessThanFive Chairs. Use the Coalesse Customizer as a visualization tool to explore applying pattern and color to LessThanFive. 

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Coalesse Pattern Through Textiles

The Coalesse Pattern program extends into textiles through a unique collaboration with Designtex. Many of the Coalesse patterns, scale expressions and subtle natural colorways have been applied to the Designtex + Coalesse Collection.

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