The Best Modern Office Designs of 2018

It’s time to look back at some of the remarkable office spaces that have been created over the past year. We’re always excited to see the different ways Coalesse furniture is used in offices all over the world. Before we begin the New Year, we wanted to take a moment to highlight a few of our favorite modern office designs from the past year. 

Above, the San Francisco offices of LiveRamp, designed by studio O+A, provide a collaborative and energetic space for the tech company’s employees. See more of their office space in our LiveRamp blog post.

Design by NELSON. Photography by Brandon Stengel. See more pictures on Office Snapshots.

Thompson Hine LLP: Supporting a Multi-Generational Workplace

As an innovative law firm, it was important for Thompson Hine LLP to have offices that reflect their cutting-edge image. The multi-phased renovation, spanning several floors, not only enhances their brand, it also meets the needs of their multi-generational workforce. Such a large-scale project took a lot of coordination to pull off, but the end result is a work environment with a wide variety of spaces, calming colors, and lots of beautiful views. In their café, Bob Lounge Seating creates a comfortable seating area that’s perfect for coffee breaks. 

Design by Eastlake Studio. Photography by Steve Hall. See more pictures on Office Snapshots.

Kimberly-Clark: Including Branding in Office Design

In 2013, Kimberly-Clark moved into a two-story space on top of the Civic Opera Building in Chicago. This year, the team needed to expand and renovate to support more culture-driven goals. We think this conference room, featuring SW_1 Conference Seating, does an excellent job of drawing people together. With its exposed ceiling, elegant wood-top table, and metal and glass partitions, it’s a great example of industrial chic design. The textured glass partition provides privacy while remaining open to the rest of the office, and the round window creates a unique perspective on the city. 

Design by Neumann/Smith Architecture. Photography by John D’Angelo. See more pictures on Office Snapshots

Microsoft Technology Center: Bringing Comfort in the Workplace 

Resimercial design has been one of the biggest office design trends in recent years and it’s a trend that played a significant role in creating the Microsoft Technology Center in Detroit. Throughout their space, you’ll see lots of wood touches and comfortable seating, creating a warm, inviting, residential-style atmosphere. Rooms designed to accommodate large groups can feel cold and impersonal, but this training room makes people feel right at home. Not only is there plenty of access to technology, Joel Lounge Chairs give people a comfortable place to sit in a relaxed posture while they listen to presentations. 

Design by FORM Architects. Photography by Spielmann Studio. See more pictures on Office Snapshots.

Splunk: Blending Collaborative Work & Socialization

The lines between work and play are becoming increasingly blurred and one company fully embracing that concept is Splunk. When designing their offices in McLean, Virginia, a major goal of the project was to take break areas to a new level. This café is a great example of an office cafe that supports both casual conversation and group collaboration. With so much natural light and comfortable seating, including Lagunitas Lounge Seating, we imagine this café is always bustling. 

Design by Santec. Photography by Barry Grossman. See more pictures on Office Snapshots Adding Color to Workspaces

The colors of a space can have a big impact on a person’s mood, and simply looking at the pictures of the new offices in Miami Beach makes us happy. The entire space is full of touches of bright, fun colors and playful design elements. The café serves as the heart of the office, and it’s an energizing space with the use of yellow and orange. The orange cushions on the Enea Lottus Chairs add beautiful, energizing pops of color without being too overwhelming. 

Design by Cuningham Group Architecture. Photography by Cooperthwaite Photography. See more pictures on Office Snapshots

Cuningham Group Architecture: Supporting Different Work Styles

As Cuningham Group Architecture celebrated their 50th year in business in 2018, they marked the occasion by transforming their Minneapolis offices as part of a company-wide branding effort. Their Minneapolis office is the largest of their U.S. offices, and a redesign was needed to better accommodate changing work styles and to address future growth and expansion needs. Throughout the space, there are lots of flexible seating areas, like this one featuring Bob Lounge Seating and Carl Hansen & Son Shell Chairs, which are perfect for both solo work and team discussions. These spaces are conveniently placed near windows with views of the Mississippi River and the downtown Minneapolis skyline, giving people an excellent incentive to take breaks from their desks. 

Planning to revamp your office in 2019? Browse our full collection of premium office furniture to find everything from seating and tables to accessories, storage, and outdoor furniture which can support the needs of your workplace. 

Published On: December 3, 2018
Filed under: Design Inspiration

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