The art of technology integration in the office

Workplace technology can make all kinds of tasks faster and easier for office workers. That’s a beautiful thing.

But the cables and cords that power our technology can kill the clean, classy aesthetic that companies work so hard to achieve. Improvised charging stations, a tangle of cords — the effect is anything but beautiful.

Cables and wires are inescapable, but they don’t have to be an eyesore. Companies can integrate technology into the workplace seamlessly by selecting thoughtfully designed furnishings that provide three essentials:

  • Convenient plug-in access to power and data
  • Elegant cable management
  • Tools to enhance mobile technology and digital collaboration

Coalesse furnishings blend beauty and utility to meet all of these techy needs and more. Here are a few ways our products are designed to help companies practice this art.

Under-seat power and data access

Everyone loves office lounge spaces, but who wants to trip over cords on their way in and out? Two of our collections—the Lagunitas Lounge System and the new Sistema Lounge System—put power and data outlets right under the bench, keeping cords close by yet out of the way.

Tabletop power and data access

The vast majority of our collaboration and conference tables offer tabletop plug-in points, whether through factory-installed Tabletop Power & Data Solutions or through our innovative PowerPod. Introduced with the SW_1 Conference Table and SW_1 Occasional Table, PowerPod integrates with many of our tables to provide a stylish hub with six power outlets.

Concealed cable management

When you provide tabletop plug-in access, you need to hide the cables supplying the power, so our tables are equipped with integrated cable management.

Potrero415 Tables run wires through a hidden raceway on the underside of the top and down through hollow legs. Now available in a slimmer scale and simplified structure for in-between and smaller spaces, Potrero415 Light allows teammates to connect, plug in and keep devices charged.

Seating can include cable management too. It’s true of our Massaud Lounge Seating and Hosu Lounge Seating, which have a cord pass-through at the seat cushion, so you can charge your device while keeping the cord out of sight.

Integrated wire management is also part of our Exponents Collection of storage and presentation products for team collaboration. Simple and smart.

Tech-enhancing work tools

Great spaces need great finishing touches. That’s why we offer several personal-size tables and other options that make life easier for tech users—like the SW_1 Conference Table’s pullout tablets for laptops. And then there’s the Exponents Whiteboard and Mobile Display, providing ready support for team communication.

Designing a modern office that’s both welcoming and tech savvy is an art. Coalesse has the insight and products to pull it off with elegance and ease.

For more ideas on integrating technology while retaining a clean office aesthetic, explore our Inspiration Gallery or contact our Concierge Team.

Published On: January 15, 2019
Filed under: Design Inspiration

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