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The Rise of Resimercial Design In The Modern Workplace

The modern workforce seeks comfortable, inspiring spaces that create a sense of calm and put people at ease – opening the door for creativity to flourish. To adapt to this shift, forward-thinking companies are increasingly developing offices with a residential sensibility in mind. In this month’s news aggregate, we explore the rise of resimercial design.

What is Resimercial Design?

A combination of “residential” and “commercial,” the resimercial approach brings aspects of home into the contemporary workspace. We named resimercial comfort as a key consideration in our roundup of workplace design trends for this year – and so far, the conversation has only gained momentum.

With today’s “always on” mentality, Office Insight suggests that creating homelike environments – where we truly enjoy spending time – is one way to accommodate the increased demand placed on employees. Retrofit Magazine echoes this sentiment, noting that the line between commercial and residential interiors is disappearing, and that resimercial environments help reduce stress and promote productivity. Adding to the discussion, The Trade Group proposes that these spaces are vital in the shift toward workplace settings that enhance wellbeing.

Blurred Lines Between Work & Home

In a list of trend predictions for 2018, Work Design Magazine highlights an increase in flexible workspaces, observing resimercial design as part of this transition. Environments that accommodate different activities – like any residence would – better adjust to workers’ ever-changing needs throughout each day. In a detailed analysis of the trend, Work Design Magazine advises incorporating tactile textures, materials and accessories that evoke a sense of warmth, comfort and familiarity, and also recommends integrating human-centric, multi-sensory elements

Metropolis Magazine features New York City’s Dock 72, a 675,000 square-foot office building currently under construction in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Plans for the development include a thoughtful blend of informal, residential influences with a more refined aesthetic to suit multinational corporations.

We feature ideas for making the office feel more like home here. For more ideas, explore our inspiration gallery and follow us on Instagram.

Published On: March 28, 2018
Filed under: Design News

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