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Design at Coalesse is based on an undeniable trend in the world of work: thanks to connected mobility, most knowledge workers take their work with them as they move through their day, and so work and life are overlapping like never before.

Our job as designers is to observe that movement and ask a lot of questions. Where do people prefer to work if they can work where they want? What do meetings look like now? How do you create private space in a busy corporate environment? Where do people socialize and collaborate when given a choice of spaces? What are workers trying to accomplish, and what are the tools they are using?

The answers to those questions inspire the visions of the Coalesse Design Group, led by John Hamilton, and the world-class designers we engage with, to create spaces that empower social connection, creative collaboration, personal focus and rejuvenation.

At Coalesse, we are welcoming people to the office by making thoughtfully crafted furnishings to create great spaces and inspire great work. Led by insight and driven by design, we cultivate a balance between intent and intuition, beauty and utility, comfort and vitality – to create destinations that bring new life to work.

We are passionate about design and we will remain curious about the evolving needs and desires of today's worker, wherever they may want to work.


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