Introducing the Viccarbe Imports Collection

This past summer, Coalesse expanded its longstanding relationship with Viccarbe, a furniture manufacturer renowned worldwide for contemporary lounge settings, to offer its entire portfolio throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.  To introduce you to the Viccarbe brand and their people, we asked Viccarbe Strategic Director Victor Carrasco to answer a few questions.

How does your location on the Mediterranean impact the Viccarbe brand?

Located in the Mediterranean city of Valencia, we enjoy more than 300 days of sun each year. The abundant sunlight deeply influences our connection with color and inspires the warmth of the materials. Thanks to it, creativity becomes an inherent attribute of our character.

Viccarbe seeks to create a Mediterranean waiting experience in hospitality and corporate environments. How would you describe that experience?

Viccarbe reflects a contemporary lifestyle through pieces connected to the actual needs of the environment and user. Our collection is characterized by a simplicity and elegance that can be integrated in many diverse environments. It’s our hope that the portfolio suggests new ways of interaction and communication between users.

You work with many internationally recognized designers. How does this make your portfolio unique?

As we use to say, “we cannot predict the future but we can create our own with the help of the best.”

Viccarbe has been growing at fast rates. To what would you attribute to your success?

The furniture industry is not going to change due to new materials or designers, but it will change thanks to the culture, flexibility and variation of every project. Today there are fewer differences between furniture for the home and for the office.

At Viccarbe, we manufacture a neutral and versatile product, capable of being present at home or in the corporate, healthcare or education sectors.

Balance and innovation are present in each one of our designs (elegant, proportioned, warm, innovative and timeless). To achieve this simplicity is by itself a great differentiation, and – of course – this balance needs to be accompanied by an excellent quality.

What are the strengths of the Viccarbe portfolio?

Our collection is distinguished by its great simplicity, innovative elegance and global brand awareness. It is the goal of Viccarbe to create environments, furniture and accessories that are both functional and inspiring.

Our pieces are all created with the goal of being durable without losing the aesthetic of contemporary furniture. The Viccarbe collection is not as result of short term trends. It’s designed as a conclusion of concepts as well as quality and design, both to serve our clients.

What are the key trends in contemporary furniture, according to Viccarbe?

Viccarbe does not usually respond to trends or market dictates. In the design field, we prefer to work and talk about conclusions.

As Viccarbe has moved forward, creating iconic products has become one of our priorities. As a result, we prefer to design by thinking about long-lasting pieces.

These products fit and are integrated in every environment, offering an extraordinary Mediterranean experience, which adds values such as elegance or warmth to the space. Furthermore, our color range is capable of seducing, instead of being forceful.

Spectacular pieces are enduring; you can recognize a great design when you feel that it has always been there.

To view the Viccarbe Imports Collection, visit the Viccarbe website. For more information on incorporating the Viccarbe portfolio in your next project, please contact a Coalesse Sales Consultant.

Published On: November 1, 2017
Filed under: Great Spaces

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