The Rising Influence of Danish Design on the Modern Office

A leader in Danish design across the globe, Carl Hansen & Son has brought popular designs such as Hans Wegner’s Wishbone Chair to both homes and offices. With the rising popularity of Danish design in the modern office, we asked Sherri Simko, Country Director US of Carl Hansen & Son about this trend and how it affects the way we work.

1. How would you describe Danish design? What are its key features?

The core principals of simplicity, aesthetics, and functionality brought to life through skillful work with the highest quality materials are the pillars of iconic Danish design. The important works of designers such as Hans J. Wegner, Arne Jacobsen, and Poul Kjærholm defined their generation – and the history of Danish Modern – through their iconic designs that pushed materials and technology to new limits, unifying innovation with sustainability.

2. How is Danish culture & lifestyle reflected in Carl Hansen & Son’s designs?

Denmark’s culture is defined by simplicity and an appreciation for considered environments that contribute to the quality of life rather than clutter a space. Every choice made in designing an environment is driven by how materials, textures, and color become touchpoints of daily life, from homes to the workplace, and from restaurants to retail stores. Many of Carl Hansen & Son’s design classics have been part of Danish culture for the greater part of the 20th century, defining the iconic aesthetic of Scandinavian lifestyle into the 21st century.

3. Danish design is becoming increasingly popular in the modern office. What’s behind this rising demand?

Workplace research has discovered that Denmark is home to the happiest workforce. US corporations that desire to retain highly valued employees and have a welcoming work environment – a combination that equates to greater productivity – are looking to the Danish culture for cues on how to develop a happy workforce. That being said, the ideals around how the Danes approach a healthy work/life balance – through simplicity, flexibility, lasting quality, and reference to the environment – can inspire designers to create spaces that foster the spirit of cooperation.

4. How does Carl Hansen & Son complement and enhance modern workplaces?

Carl Hansen & Son’s iconic designs such as the CH24 Wishbone Chair are simplistic masterpieces that exemplify fine Danish craftsmanship, intelligent use of natural materials, and uncomplicated yet interesting designs. In that way, the essence of Danish culture is emulated through our portfolio, offering tangible, emotional touchpoints throughout a space.

5. Carl Hansen & Son has worked with many renowned designers, including Hans Wegner, to create iconic designs. How do these iconic products meet the needs for today’s market?

Carl Hansen & Son’s furniture is by nature architectural: our portfolio has been designed by the most renowned names and thinkers in Danish design history, in addition to contemporary game-changers like Tadao Ando and EOOS. The fusion of history and innovative technology means Carl Hansen & Son’s portfolio meets myriad needs in today’s market, from inspiring adaptable aesthetic direction to functional, durable material finished by authentic craftsmanship.

6. What’s next for Carl Hansen & Son?

Knud Erik Hansen, the third-generation CEO of Carl Hansen & Son, is a visionary leader with a strong desire to preserve Danish design history while pushing the company forward by incorporating cutting edge technology and the design world’s top design talents. Heritage, innovation, and sustainability will continue to work hand in hand through an expanded product portfolio of Danish design icons and new series of future classics.

Published On: December 17, 2018
Filed under: Great Spaces

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