Using Crafted Objects to Tell a Company’s Story

What types of objects give you an emotional connection to a place? What examples of craftsmanship, artistry or design attract your attention, stimulate your appreciation … maybe even give you a sense that you belong there?

Now, what if that place is an office—a corporate workplace?

How does the integration of carefully selected, artisan-quality objects, like the Carl Hansen Collection, in an office stir the emotions of those who visit or work there? What role does beauty play in the workplace—in inspiring ideas, creating community and shaping company culture? 

These are important questions for business leaders, facilities managers and office designers to consider. Because it’s clear that people have a tough time flourishing in generic, impersonal workspaces. Workers want inspiring, flexible spaces with lounge furniture that accommodate their emotional, cognitive and physical wellbeing—places where they can feel more at home and more connected to colleagues and their shared mission. 

Look around the modern office. How might spaces be transformed—and be transforming for those who inhabit them—by replacing a conventional piece with something handcrafted? What object of art, iconic piece of furniture or artisan rug could you introduce to better tell the company’s story?

Thoughtfully designed, carefully crafted objects not only reflect an organization’s culture but also help develop that culture of craft within the workplace. By placing value on high-quality artisanship, companies show that their people matter. 

They show that work isn’t just about efficiency and productivity, but it’s also about inspiration, emotion and meaning.

Give it some thought. What crafted items would you choose to help tell a company’s story and shape its next chapter? 

The Paddle Chair CH25, a design classic by Hans J. Wegner, is imported from Denmark and is part of our Carl Hansen Collection. A handmade work of art, the oak-frame chair rests here on the Dreams Rug from our ARZU Modern Collection. All ARZU rugs are hand knotted by artisan weavers in Afghanistan working under fair labor practices.

A designer works on a rug concept for ARZU Studio Hope, which employs Afghan women weavers in an innovative model of social entrepreneurship that breaks the cycle of poverty and promotes sustainable community development. ARZU rugs in the modern office make a statement in more ways than one.

Craftsmanship and personality are on display every day in the Shell Chair CH07, designed by Hans J. Wegner. Part of the Carl Hansen Collection, this distinctive chair sends strong signals about an organization’s culture and commitments.

The Ladderback Chair CH44 is another example of a Danish classic by Hans J. Wegner, known as the Master of the Chair. Handcrafted products make workplaces more interesting and inspiring, underscoring cultural values of beauty, quality, comfort and design.

Published On: May 17, 2017
Filed under: Design Inspiration

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