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Coalesse invites the active participation of the design community, which results in a more personalized — and ultimately more meaningful — product for you. How do we invite your participation? By making the customization process easier for you — giving you both digital tools and personal concierge services to help you personalize your products, then delivering them with expertise, convenience and efficiency. We partner with you to provide a seamless and unmatched experience during your project.

If our standard products cannot fulfill your specific needs, our Coalesse team will work closely with you to create a more personalized, tailor-made solution. Our services include:

  • Experienced local sales consultants available to discuss customization options
  • Knowledgeable specials quote team providing feasibility guidance and pricing
  • Creative application specialists to assist with space planning and concept drawing
  • Dedicated specials engineers offering technical consulting
  • Responsive Concierge Team to support your special order through processing, manufacturing and delivery

Your options:

  • Learn more about our specials services in the Specials Made Easy brochure. Quick View | Download
  • Search our new comprehensive eSpecials library by product or category for previously quoted specials and quick pricing.
    •  “Order today” means you can order this special at the upcharge shown without waiting for a special quote.
    •  “Price today” means this special is available and can be quickly quoted by our Specials Quote Team.
  • Still can't find what you need? Fill out the form below or contact our Specials Quote Team for assistance at 800.627.6770 or specialsorders@coalesse.com.

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