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Behind the Design of the Energetic LiveRamp Offices

In San Francisco, California, design studio O+A created an energetic and collaborative space for tech company LiveRamp. Located on the 16th floor of the Standard Oil Building, the 24,147-square foot environment supports both collaboration and social connection between employees.

We asked the design team about the project. View photos of the office by Emily Hagopian in the slideshow above.

1. What were some of the goals for the new space? What did LiveRamp hope to achieve?

The goal in every O+A project is to tell the client’s story in a way that is compelling for first time visitors and for people who use the space every day. We felt LiveRamp’s youthful spirit was captured in the gritty textures of the raw concrete floor, the warm brick and weathered wood. For our first project with  LiveRamp on the 17th floor, we augmented those existing conditions with moments of architectural polish. On the 16th floor that dynamic was reversed. We began with a highly finished space and peeled back layers to expose the good bones underneath. In both cases the idea was to strike a balance between the company’s start-up spirit and the mature rigor of their success in a highly competitive field.       

2. Describe the workspace – what are the different settings and contexts? What kinds of activities and situations do these environments support?

The “work-in-progress” aesthetic on the 16th floor is an expression of the company’s belief (and ours) that a good work environment is perpetually a work in progress. We pulled out the prior tenant’s crown moldings and Victorian touches to reveal the strength and integrity of the building’s infrastructure. Using strategically placed wall graphics, splashes of color and basic architectural forms, we found new ways to express LiveRamp’s energy and questioning spirit. The raw steel studs in this space do not support dry wall. They are sculptural objects used for shelving and as a frame for writeable surfaces. 

3. What was some of the inspiration behind the design choices? Were specific furnishings incorporated or settings developed to convey LiveRamp’s brand and culture?

Like the space itself, the furnishings were meant to convey mobility and a nimble physical lightness. The Montara650 Chairs  manage to combine both natural wood and pops of color. The standing height Potrero 415 tables made their debut on this project, with Coalesse accelerating their production schedule to make the deadline—yet another example of working in the moment to achieve a liberating and beautiful result.

To see more of LiveRamp’s 16th floor, visit O+A or see our Pinterest board.

Published On: February 14, 2018
Filed under: Design Inspiration, Great Spaces

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