Our Top 5 Workplace Design Blogs of 2018

In more ways than one, 2018 has been a memorable year for Coalesse. We celebrated our 10th anniversary, launched the second installment of our Point of View essay series, Create, and explored some of the most significant workplace design trends on our blog.

As we reflect on the past twelve months and prepare for the year ahead, we’ve rounded up our most popular posts. Take a look back at the best blogs of 2018.

1. Our Craft Blog Series

For Coalesse, our point of view is guided by three foundational themes – Comfort, Craft, and Customization – that enrich the questions we ask and lead us to unique answers. This year, we shared the second of these themes – Craft – in our newest Point of View essay  along with a series of blogs.

Coalesse General Manager Lew Epstein explores what craft means to us here. We began our series discussing how beauty & material influence craft. Delving further into this concept, we shared how curiosity & knowledge spark craft and how innovation & technology are the tools of craft. We concluded the series by analyzing how mastery & heritage  are the pioneers of craft, and Lew Epstein closed with a reminder on how craft makes us all better.

2. Our 10th Anniversary Blog Series

We celebrated our 10th anniversary with blogs reflecting on the past 10 years of the industry and exploring the workplace of the future. Read Lew Epstein’s reflection on how Coalesse has evolved – and what’s next for us – here. Check out the ten most popular Coalesse products here, and read John Hamilton’s perspective on the new workplace here. As we look forward to the next 10 years for Coalesse, Lew Epstein shared why new life at work matters.

3. A California-Inspired Color Palette

The Coalesse color palette is our own aesthetic framework that communicates our brand and inspires a richer residential & environmental spirit in the workplace. Read why our color palette is inspired by the natural environment of California here.

4. The Rise of Resimercial Design

The line between residential and commercial spaces is becoming increasingly blurred as today’s workforce seeks more comfortable and inviting office spaces. In one of our most popular blog posts, we discuss the rise of resimercial design in the modern workplace.

5. How to Design Fun Into The Workplace

Does fun in the workplace matter? We think so. In our blog on how to design fun into the workplace, we explore the ways in which workplace design can incorporate fun into an organization’s culture – and why it matters.

Published On: December 10, 2018
Filed under: Design News

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